Heart Coherency

heart-and-brainOne of the buzz phrases going around is “drop into your heart”. What does that mean? When you find yourself too much in your head about a situation – stop. Stop for a moment and entertain the circumstances from a different perspective. Get another view from a different source.

If we let our mind cater to our actions as the only origin for our decisions, we deny ourselves the bigger picture. Many people who operate solely from thought are missing an important advantage. Similar to how a nc state arborist would love trees, or a teacher would love kids, when we incorporate heart into decision making, we bring in another avenue of energies that elevates our communications to a much higher level of effectiveness. Referred to as energies because they cannot normally be seen by the human eye, but emit a measurable frequency field.

The Intuitive Heart
The body produces and exists within a constant electrical field. Scientist have discovered that the electromagnetic resonance of the heart is 5,000 times greater than that of the brain. Throughout medical history, it has been thought that the brain was command central. As a consequence, we have given it the final say in many important matters. Ascertained knowledge has shown that using an intuitive heart in balance with the brain results in a state of cohesion. Coherence by definition is a binding together of like matter, the quality of forming a unified whole.

Personal Coherence
Establishing personal coherence means we are working with all our best faculties, firing on all cylinders. High performing athletes know when they are being PC – personally coherent. Whatever activity undertaken when we are PC, renders a finer outcome. Research has shown when combining heart energy with cognitive content, the intention is more clearly communicated. When people hold core heart feelings like compassion and appreciation it naturally increases their heart coherence. When we become more aware of combining both frequencies and acting from the whole we are more effective at whatever we are doing.

The amount of energy we elicit can be physically measured from the heart, therefore when taking this frequency out into the world – by just living life, interacting with others, connections are made. It has been proven that our fields interact.

Social Coherence
It’s important that each of us takes full responsibility for our own field. In this way we remain self-empowered, which organically gives us even more personal coherence. Each individual’s field contributes to the overall global field. When two or more like frequencies come together, because of electromagnetic resonance, a natural entrainment occurs.

heart brain scaleIf you are aware, it can be felt right away when you are in sync with someone. Heart frequency is not an idle state, it reaches out to others in many beneficial ways. The energy is palatable and contagious. We are drawn to like-minded people and situations, and repelled by others. When combining heart and brain in our daily interactions, we open up relationships not based in a bias or prejudice. As a critical mass of cultures and nations it could mean a harmoniously aligned society that is more likely to create a global coherence.

The dedicated staff at HeartMath Institute have gone to extensive lengths to help tip the scales toward heart coherence for the entire world. Global coherence is their mission and by understanding more through science the message is infiltrating the left brain thinkers.
How do you think establishing our actions in logic and reason, facts and figures, in balance with the heart’s intuition and wisdom would impact our world? Please chime in with a comment below.