Burning HeartThe heart is central to everything. We cannot live without a heart and metaphorically if we are living without heart, we are cold and likely miserable. At the Heart Rate Monitor USA we are all about heart as we monitor this unique organ from a number of different perspectives.

Measuring the strength and stamina of the physical heart can be done electronically. For years, scientists have been able to judge whether a person has good physical heart health with a simple test known as an EKG, an electrocardiogram. An EKG measures the electrical impulses emitted from the heart. On the fly, someone who knows what to feel for can determine your heart rate through taking your pulse at any one of three arterial sites, the carotid, brachial or radial. If you are more skilled and the occasion arises a heart beat can be detected from the temple, groin, back of the knee, behind the inner ankle or the top side of the foot. As mentioned earlier – we are all about heart.

When exercising, wearing a small monitor around your wrist or chest, or using an app on your cell phone will assist you in keeping tabs on your cardiovascular rate. Heart monitors give you instant feedback that can play a necessary role in your workout. At Heart Rate Monitors USA we will inform you as to which monitors are rated best for your type of regimen.

More recently the electromagnetic field around the heart has been a focus of interest where the study of the esoteric heart is central as they investigate heart intelligence. At HeartMath, LLC in California, for example, they take the vast workings of this precious organ into account as it applies to the empowerment of the individual.

At Heart Rate Monitor USA we look at the varied aspects associated with our heart. We monitor the romantic and compassionate side of heart activity as well as what it means to have a “broken heart”. We cite studies done on people who are connected to one another after heart plant surgery that come from receiving another persons physical heart. We write about the connections of heart, mind and health.

Heart Rate Monitor USA is about reporting factual information on up-to-date heart research whether it’s physical, emotional mental or spiritual. Thank you for joining us as a reader of our work. We hope the information you glean from our site is informative and entertaining. We look forward to your comments and feedback.