Monitoring Symptoms of Stroke

Stroke illustrationRecently a close friend has experienced two TIAs, Transient Ischemic Attacks. While not as serious as a stroke a TIA is considered a warning sign of stroke. Although it only lasts a few minutes and the symptoms are mild, most people who have a TIA are likely to suffer a full blown stroke within the next year if left unattended.

Monitoring your heart and the cardiovascular system for blockages naturally includes keeping arteries running to your brain clear and healthy. If they are towing debris that causes blood flow to diminish and nutrients are cut off to a part of the brain, you are likely to experience a TIA or worse, a stroke.

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The Intuitive Heart

Listen to Your HeartWhen researching the human heart the scope of study incorporates the natural connectedness of brain activity. How do we manage stress? What is our level of cognitive interpretation? What is our relationship with our self and others? How do we relate with our daily surroundings?

These things are processed emotionally as well as through avenues of thought. When heart-brain activity is combined, it is safe to say this is intuition. The solar power of the heart and brain working together lights our way with ideas, impressions and, yes – brainstorms.

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